Package org.opencms.workplace.editors.directedit

Used to control the generation of the HTML for the "direct edit" buttons.


Interface Summary
I_CmsDirectEditProvider Provides the methods to generate the "direct edit" HTML fragments that are inserted in the generated pages in offline mode.

Class Summary
A_CmsDirectEditProvider Basic functions for direct edit providers.
CmsDirectEditButtonSelection Constants to indicate which direct edit buttons should be displayed for a direct edit resource if the user has the permissions.
CmsDirectEditDefaultProvider Provider for the OpenCms default graphical "direct edit" buttons.
CmsDirectEditJQueryProvider Provider for the OpenCms graphical "direct edit" buttons.
CmsDirectEditJspIncludeProvider Direct edit provider that uses the same JSP include based logic that has been the default before the 6.2.3 release.
CmsDirectEditMode Constants to indicate which mode to use for placement of the HTML that generates the direct edit buttons.
CmsDirectEditParams A parameter set to start a direct edit element, for internal use only.
CmsDirectEditPermissions Constants to indicate the direct edit permissions of a user for a VFS resource, used to describe if and how to show the direct edit buttons for the resource.
CmsDirectEditResourceInfo Contains information about a resource that is direct edited.
CmsDirectEditTextButtonProvider Creates HTML for simple text based direct edit buttons.

Package org.opencms.workplace.editors.directedit Description

Used to control the generation of the HTML for the "direct edit" buttons.

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